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We offer a wide range of activities with our four beloved horses. Our farm teaches a mutual respect and communication between horse and human, which is often a deeply impactful experience for our visitors.  Come groom them, hug them, see their different personalities, and learn their basic care, or receive confidence-building natural horsemanship lessons in the riding ring.  These sessions reinforce and strengthen the quiet but powerful bond between horse and human on the ground – the precursor to a successful riding experience, and a powerful lesson in communication, calmness, and strength. 


Want to ride? We offer that too!  Riding is known to be one of the most valuable activities for people living with special needs or otherwise needing help to improve their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive wellbeing. 


My name is Morgan and I am the herd leader, but I am pretty laid back and let some of the others act bossy sometimes.  I am trustworthy and noble and I like a spirited ride too!



Hello!  My name is Cocoa and I am the only mare (female horse) on the farm.  I have to keep the 3 boys in line.  I am sassy and pretty, but deep down very loving.



Hello, I am a spotted saddle horse born in Tennessee.  I am a kind soul, but can be a little naughty sometimes.  I like to ride to creek and play in water.  



Hi, I am Neville! I am the oldest in the herd with my 18 years (as of 08/2022). I am a sweet soul and like to take it a little bit slower than the others sometimes.


Big Goats

We are the Nigerian Dwarf Bigger Goats.  I am bigger because I am older than those guys on my left and your right, but we are just as sweet.


Baby Goats

Our goats are guaranteed to bring fun and laughter.  Come bottle feed our babies, explore the “goat playground,” or take them for a hike around the property.  You can even strike a yoga pose and one of our smaller goats may jump right on your back! We use our goats for confidence building due to their small size and gentle nature.  They love being cared for and show their appreciation outwardly, bringing joy to everyone involved.   



Our free-range chickens are friendly and very smart!  Smaller children often love feeding them, following them around, and collecting their eggs to take home.


Queen Bee

OK, so I was rescued by these people and I just love it here.  I am so busy with all the animals including local wildlife.  I am sweet and independent.  I take care of myself, but enjoy humans for sure.  I am a barn cat and I try to keep mice away, but I am busy roaming the farm often looking for fun.

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