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About the Farm

Health, Happiness, and Hooves Farmsis a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Fairfax County; Founded in 2020 by Joseph Lombardozzi and Chris & Tina Maier.  Donations help us to keep our services free to those in need; from individuals suffering from PTSD and other emotional disorders to individuals with special needs as well as Veterans and “at risk” teens and children! We are also pleased to say that most of our furry friends that we use for therapy have been rescued. They needed a happy place too! We would not be able to do all of this without your support and the support of others. If you or someone you know need or could possibly benefit from our services please reach out to us directly for qualifications and information.


​We also offer other services with recommended donation amounts. For more information, check out what we offer!


My name is Morgan and I am the herd leader, but I am pretty laid back and let some of the others act bossy sometimes.  I am trustworthy and noble and I like a spirited ride too!



Hello!  My name is Cocoa and I am the only mare (female horse) on the farm.  I have to keep the 3 boys in line.  I am sassy and pretty, but deep down very loving.



We have several acres of peaceful fields and woods, great for wildlife spotting, picnics, and strolls with our farm animals.  One of our favorite activities is taking our goats on hikes around the property.  They follow us around and make us laugh with their silliness.  In the cooler months, we often hang around the firepit with the animals, sipping something warm and feeling our stress melt away.  Come explore our barn, too.  We love rainy day barn hangouts, surrounded by the horses! Many of our visitors enjoy learning how to do a variety of barn chores as well – a good combination of physical activity and mental relaxation.



During the warmer months, our ever-expanding garden is filled with a variety of goodies. Children love wandering through the vegetable and herb plants noticing the colors, shapes, and smells. Pick your favorite ripe veggies and take home an organically grown farm-fresh basket – a great way to kick off a health journey, or continue the one you’re on.  Or, come have fun digging in the dirt and plant something that you can watch grow!

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