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Health, Happiness, and Hooves Farms

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Fairfax County. Donations help us to keep our services free to those in need; from individuals suffering from PTSD and other emotional disorders to individuals with special needs as well as Veterans and “at risk” teens and children! We are also pleased to say that most of our furry friends that we use for therapy have been rescued. They needed a happy place too! We would not be able to do all of this without your support and the support of others. If you or someone you know need or could possibly benefit from our services please reach out to us directly for qualifications and information.

We also offer other services with recommended donation amounts. For more information, check out our "What we offer" tab!


What's Happening Now!

Stay tuned! Check back to this page for updates on events, charity auctions, and exclusive deals.



At Health, Happiness, and Hooves Farms, we understand and embrace the transformative power of nature and animals to enhance the lives of individuals with social, emotional, and cognitive special needs. Our dedicated mission is to provide free therapeutic horse riding and animal therapy services to those who require support, allowing them to experience the profound and life-changing benefits of interacting with nature and animals. Through our comprehensive programs, we foster personal growth, facilitate healing, and nurture self-confidence, enabling individuals to unlock their true potential and lead lives of fulfillment. Guided by our proven track record of success, we remain unwavering in our commitment to advancing our work and positively impacting countless more lives in the future. Join us on this meaningful journey as we collaboratively create a brighter tomorrow, one hoofstep at a time. Along with our visits for therapeutic animal encounters we focus on Agriculture and teaching the importance of Conservation of the land and its waterway- from learning to identify invasive plants,  planting native trees or plants and the importance of the insects, reptiles and the wildlife around us! 


Our visitors benefit from customized experiences, which we design based on the goals of each individual.  We are flexible on everything except fun – that’s a must!



Proud Sponsors

A Huge Thanks to all of our sponsors that help contribute to our mission!

We couldn't do this without your support!

  • Grounded in Nature Farm

  • CMI, Inc.

  • Trattoria Villagio

  • Ken Schlosser and USAF Ret. Col. Marla Buckles

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